If it has to go fast:
The NEW eye wash station for wall mounting and for mobile use

In endangered workplaces such as workshops, metalworking companies or chemical laboratories, eyewash solutions according to the Workplace Ordinance § 39 must be available.

  • Here, GRAMM medical offers a quick-access and easy-to-use eye wash station for wall mounting or for mobile use.
  • For easy and quick access to the eyewash, the comfortable wall-mounted eyewash station offers fast response in an emergency.
  • The station can accommodate up to 3 Actiomedic® EYE CARE eye wash bottles, which can be combined as needed.

A further and very important advantage of our new eye wash station is that it can be used flexibly. Attached to the wall, it means a specific point of contact for injured people and thanks to its eye-catching signal color, it is easy to find even with limited visibility. As a mobile emergency kit, it can also be taken to the danger area so that emergency assistance can be provided quickly and flexibly directly at the scene of the accident.

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Special product features of the Actiomedic® Medi2Protect Eye Wash Station:

For all emergencies