Every first aid effort must be recorded – even the smallest event

According to DGUV regulation 1 (formerly BGV A 1) § 24, every first-aid service in the company must be recorded in writing in a book of associations and treated confidentially. Through the complete documentation in the book of associations also possible late effects of smaller accidents at work against the professional associations can be proven. The documentation must be kept available for 5 years.

The name of the injured person, time and place, nature of the accident, nature and severity of the injury or damage to health must be documented. In addition, first aid measures, first responders or first responders as well as witnesses. This information serves as proof that a health damage has occurred to an insured person.

This is a prerequisite for an accident to be recognized as an accident at work. This can be very important, such as when late effects occur – for example, in inflammation even after minor cuts or puncture wounds.

Our directory booklet guarantees the proper documentation of the first aid services in accordance with BGI 511-1 and includes a preprinted column documentation with all necessary information.

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