Patient fixation example


Basket carry: The basket carriers are made of polyethylene and are additionally reinforced with an aluminum frame. In addition, it has a cushion pad, an adjustable footrest and 3 safety straps, so the patient can be optimally fixed. Is particularly suitable for difficult accident sites. Since the patient is certainly stable to us, he can be roped off, for example, without a safe accompaniment.

Spineboards: Transport carrier made of plastic for stable and gentle transport of the injured person. The waterproof and Rötgenfähige stretcher is particularly suitable for suspected spinal injuries. Combined with the restraint belt system and the head fixation kit, it provides optimal stabilization and patient comfort.

Shoveling: The first choice for suspected spinal injuries. The particularly lightweight blade carrier made of HDPE thermoplastic has a lower weight than ordinary bucket carriers and is easier to clean and maintain. Since the two halves are used directly on the body, the patient does not need to be moved unnecessarily. Also available as a stretcher carry.