Automatic External Defibrillator – The AED 3100

The effective treatment in an emergency

In a cardiac arrest counts every second to ensure the survival of the patient. The AED 3100 (AED Automatic External Defibrillator) guarantees easy operation and effective resuscitation without previous medical knowledge. Thus, the defibrillator is suitable for professional users as well as laymen. Be prepared for emergencies and equip your company with the right device.
  • Easy to use – with visual and audible instructions

  • Suitable for children and adults – no additional accessories necessary

  • Handy and compact – for fast transport to the patient

Save lives quickly, safely and easily!

Ease of use: Since it often takes several minutes in an emergency until an ambulance arrives at the accident site, the AEDs have been developed so that even professional users can not act immediately. The AED 3100 by Nihon Kohden is very easy to use, so even laymen can provide immediate first aid and revive the patient. The acoustic and visual signals give accurate instructions for proper use on the patient. In addition, using a switch, it is easy to reduce the energy output to 50/70 J in order to be able to apply the AED to the child in the event of an emergency. This is crucial in resuscitating a child because too much energy release can cause burns to the heart muscle.

Always ready: The AED-3100 carries out a self-test daily. This means that it automatically checks the condition of the pads, batteries and circuit. The current status of the device is indicated by LED displays. Thus, you can be sure that the defibrillator in any emergency fully functional and ready for use.

Compact and robust: With its small and compact size, the AED-3100 can be quickly transported to the place of use. Even under difficult conditions, the use is not affected because it meets the IP55 standard. The operating temperature ranges from -5 ° C to 50 ° C.

Sudden cardiac death cost 100,000 lives in Germany alone last year. As soon as a person’s heart has life-threatening arrhythmias, it is necessary to use a defibrillator to restore the normal heart rhythm. In such stuas must act as soon as possible because this condition can lead to death in just a few minutes.

For ventricular fibrillation or other cardiac arrhythmias, it is important to interrupt this first. That’s what you get with a defibrillator through the electric shocks. The heart is put to rest, so to speak, to give him the opportunity to resume normal rhythm. And this should happen as soon as possible because every other minute that passes, the probability of survival decreases. Since even after 3 minutes a dying of the brain cells begins, it is of great importance at the crucial moment to have a reliable defibrillator at hand.


External defibrillators are required within Germany according to MPBetreibV §10!

We offer you as a competent partner cost-effective a corresponding initial legal instruction or commissioning on site throughout Germany. The instruction is carried out by certified personnel.


Energy: Adults: 150-200-200 joules, children: 50-70-70 joules

User Interface: Voice Instruction, CPR Tone 100 times / min. (Option), Indicator (Green / Red), Shock Button, Adult / Children Selector

Battery: Capacity: 200 discharges or 7.5 hours monitoring, Standby life: 4 years

Analysis time: Under 8 s, at least 4.5 s

Switch on until discharge: Less than 15 s (with new battery)

Dimensions: 206 x 252 x 97 mm

Weight: 1.9 kg (2.3 kg with battery and pads)

Standards: Vibration: MIL-STD-810F 514.5C Category 4 and Category 9, EN 1789, water and dust proof to IP55

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