Providing small wounds quickly

Actiomedic® Quality plasters – keep what they promise

We offer you a wide selection of plasters in the practical large box for professional needs as well as cutable wound dressings in various designs in the dispenser box. All Actiomedic® patches are medical devices and are subjected to strict quality controls.

  • Reliable – because they stick to the skin as long as they should stick

  • Versatile – available in different sizes, shapes and materials

  • Hypoallergenic – because they are tested for skin compatibility

  • High quality – because only tested fabrics, nonwovens and foils are processed

Great variety and high quality – the optimum solution for every application

Depending on the design and field of application Actiomedic® Quality plaster divided into five different areas.

ELASTIC: High elasticity, maximum wearing comfort, even in many moving areas.

AQUATIC: Water repellent, breathable and reliable adhesive.

SENSITIVE: Particularly skin-friendly, super-soft nonwoven fabric for sensitive skin.

DETECT: Detectable for use in the food industry, water-repellent and elastic available.

X-RAY: X-ray and electromagnetically detectable patches.





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