Simple, safe and fast!

Actiomedic® Quick bandage – for all small finger injuries

If you have to go fast again in case of minor emergencies, you will be ideally equipped with our Actiomedic® quick bandage.

You know this: You injure your finger and look for the fastest possible method to care for the wound so that the further use of your hand or finger is not affected. In such a case we guarantee you the best help with the Actiomedic® Quick bandage. Place a wound dressing on the injured area, wrap the quick bandage around the affected finger and tear off the bandage to the desired length. Finished!!  

  • Gentle – does not stick to skin or hair

  • Elastic – does not affect mobility

  • Repellent – keeps fat, water and oil away from the wound

  • Tear-free – no scissors needed

That’s how it works:

If it has to go fast – the quick bandage for the minor injuries

Our quality product Actiomedic® Schnellverband offers many advantages:

  • klebt nicht auf Haut oder Haaren
  • wasserabweisend und elastisch
  • CE gekennzeichnetes Medizinprodukt
  • einfache und bequeme Anwendung
  • erlaubt maximale Bewegungsfreiheit
  • verursacht keine Beeinträchtigung beim Arbeiten
  • hält Fett, Wasser und Öl von der Wunde fern
  • reißbar – es wird keine Schere benötigt
  • hypoallergen

The Actiomedic® Quick Bandage is used for minor finger injuries. The quick bandage is particularly suitable in the workplace, industry and commercial kitchens as it does not affect the mobility and further use of the hand and fingers. The water-repellent property also makes it possible to continue work in which the hand or fingers come into contact with liquids.

1. Clean the wound. For open and severely bleeding injuries, we recommend using a compress to first form a wound pad and place it on the wound surface.

2. Loosely wrap bandage around the finger (over the wound pad), depending on the size of the injury.

3, Cut off or tear off the bandage and press on the end of the dressing so that it sticks to itself. Finished!

4. In case of injuries to the fingertip, wrap the dressing several times around the top.

5. Cut or tear off the bandage and press the end of the bandage so that it sticks to itself. Finished!

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